Saturday, 5 November 2011

Religion: The Drug

Religion is like a drug, its fulfilling, addicting & gives you a peaceful vale over your life. It promises a justified self-righteous numbness and dream life (the path to heaven).  Crack, meth and many other harmful drugs also make these promises within their delusion. But it’s a fantasy that harms your health and those around you that are not addicted. 

It’s a disease of the mind that preys on young and old, strong and weak. The only way to successfully combat it is through an open mind & critical thinking. Like many addicts, people are lured by something they crave, (like love and “truth”) into the bondage, and then they become a "soldier" to recruit and put the bonds on everyone else. Our young are the most susceptible to its ruse. I believe teaching religion to children is cruel! It limits their choices and makes it much harder for them to think on their own when they get older. What makes me mad is that these people who are suffering from this awful drug would love nothing better than to pass this disease on to our children. This is no different then a dealer selling drugs to kids on a school yard. The children don’t understand the harmful effects that come with the drug; they just see the enjoyment that it gives. 

I wish I could hold interventions for my religious friends, but it would be considered intolerant and hateful. I don’t hate the people; I hate what the ‘drug’ does to them. They do not realize how their addiction affects the ‘clean’ people around them. Why is this drug accepted by society, but street drugs like meth (which has caused less harm in history) is unacceptable. Both should be banned!

 Ignoring the hatred and hypocritical parts of the Bible and only focusing on the moral parts is no different then someone taking a drug for its mildly healing benefits but ignoring the even more harmful side effects. The intoxicating effects cannot last forever. You have to increase the dose to stay high, to ward off contradiction (truth). I've heard people say things like, "I don't know how I'd make it through the week without my faith," or "I don't know how I could be a good person if it wasn't for my faith." I hear similar comments from some people referring to caffeine, cigarettes, drugs and booze.”

It is worse then any street drug out there because it's sold and promoted in the name of truth and love - and it is condoned by the public as honourable & righteous. The fact is religion kills people, divides society, steals free will, suffocates creativity and expression, stifles passions, replaces "reason" with illusion, and casts a person's mind into voluntary bondage and servitude.

It (religion) is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness.” -Karl Marx

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