Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I'm a militant Anti-Theist. Bold, Opinionated and not afraid of questioning BS!

ok so I've been told by a few people that I tend to be a bit....bold/opinionated...some even say rude and evil... with what I say. Sorry I'm no politician. I will say what I see, how I see it. I want to raise those questions that make people think, even question their own deity bases beliefs. this is mainly because I grew up in a christian home and now feel (as Ruth from movie Paul would say) FREED! I'm free to think and believe what I want! free of worrying that some cosmic zombie wants me to obey him or else. Free to trust in Science!

Why am I anti-theist not just atheist? well because I think that religion is a main cause of separation and hate in society.  Without religion we would be so much farther as a species! why must we have a "father above" police us? can't people just be moral citizens because they are good people, not because they fear hell? With out religion, we could have world peace! The bible supports hate!

I know I can seem angry at times...i'm just passionate about my anti-theism. why am I "angry" when i support my views passionately ..but a religious person is considered moral and devoted when they are passionate? my views are based in SCIENCE!!

I recently subscribed to a site I think EVERYONE needs to visit.  Be free to think  at

I recently commented on that site:

"Why is it offensive when i politely criticize unproven common beliefs, but it "ok" for them to call us immoral/evil and intolerant. why can I be charged for "discrimination" for questioning them, but if they do the same to me they are "standing up for their beliefs" or "trying to save me". I personally think many Atheists or Anti-theist tend to be more tolerant than those who follow christian/catholic beliefs. I also was raised in a very christian home(did the whole christian school and youth group thing) and began to question things in my late teens. I tried answering these questions by looking to other belief systems, but none satisfied my taste for truth/fact."

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas: 2 months of myth and greed

So the holiday season is here…and I want to vomit. Yes I’m a Grinch. I hate the commercial greedy REAL modern reasons for celebrating Christmas. The holiday comes from so many beliefs systems, but don’t tell that to a Christian…because they find fact offensive, and would rather blindly believe in myth.

To start, let’s find out when and by whom Christmas traditions originated. I’ve have been doing research and this is what I’ve found so far.

The Date, the Gifts & The Feast: December 25th- About 200 years before the supposed birth of Jesus, Romans were celebrating Saturnalia which was believed to be a week long celebration starting Dec 17th and ending the 25th. There are different reports of what exactly went on during this time, but its commonly believed by historians that there was feasting, gift giving, intoxication and lawlessness.  The sun god of the later Roman Empire Sol Invictus was believed by followers to be born on Dec 25th. But in the 3rd century A.D, Emperor Constantine favored Christianity as the imperial creed and thus it became the birthday of the new favorite god. To make the transition from pagan to Christian easier many of the customs were kept.

Mistletoe & Christmas Trees: Pagans, (the Celts, ancient Romans) have long worshiped trees and brought them into their homes and decorated them. Egyptians worshiped the ever green for it ability to keep it leaves in the cold. In pre-Christian Europe mistletoe was thought to be a sign of male fertility and romance.  There was also the belief mistletoe was the sacred plant of Frigga, Norse goddess of love and to kiss under it was good fortune in love for the couple.

Many Christians like to think that we need to push the “Keep the Christ in Christmas” ideal during this season. To try to take the public's eyes of the fact that we are breeding greedy, self centered children. They forget that while 3/4 of Canadians are Christian or Catholic(according to 2001 census), that leaves 1/4 of the population that doesn’t have the same beliefs. With a population over 30 million, 7.5 million people are being forced to be surrounded by religious propaganda they don’t support. And I mean surrounded! I can't leave my house without hearing holiday music in every store and radio station. I can't sign on to Facebook without 50% of posts relating to the Christmas or "reason for the season".  Most nonreligious people just accept this and try to move past it, some even embrace it. To say that this is "christian nation" is very niave. this is a multicultural country with many if you think "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" is stupid/insulting...well I find your intolerance and stupidity insulting.

 Don’t forget, the Christians and Catholics through out history used Christmas as a reason to harm and humiliate. For Example, in 1466 Pope Paul II forced some of the Jewish population to run naked thru the streets of Rome on Christmas to “humiliate those who killed Christ”.  Through out the 18th and 19th century it was common for Rabbis from the Jewish ghetto to be forced to walk through the streets in clownish outfits and publicly humiliated on Christmas.

Even if you say the past doesn’t matter, that its about what people celebrate now… ok then so people are celebrating greed and commercialism. Giving and getting gifts is all good except for one thing…its expected. If you don’t (literally) buy in to the worship of commercialism, then your considered greedy and selfish. What if one can’t afford to participate in this stupid tradition? I love how Sheldon from Big Bang Theory puts it:
"The foundation of gift-giving is reciprocity," Sheldon explained to Penny. "You haven't given me a gift. You've given me an obligation." When Penny said that he didn't have to get her anything in return, Sheldon quickly disabused her of the notion. "Of course I do. The essence of the custom is that I now have to go out and purchase for you a gift of commensurate value, and representing the same perceived level of friendship as that represented by the gift you've given me."

I do believe in purchasing gifts for a loved one when you can afford it and when you see something you think they would love(another reason I hate Valentines day...but I'll save that topic for Feb). You buy it because you love them, not because you are social obligated. I very much disagree with the random work gift exchange. It takes the personal aspect out of the entire idea of gift giving, it shows the raw greed our society endorses. How about don’t buy me a random gift and I won’t buy you one. We each save a bit of cash in an already expensive time of year. What ever happened to the homemade gift? It seems children are being raised in this culture of greed, expensive toys and “I want!”. I’d much rather a gift from a family member that is home made from there own hands and effort than some expensive gift they think I might like. 

Christmas is bad for your health, more people die Dec 25th than any other day of the year (in North America). Suicide rates are higher, heart attack rates are higher. The poor, sick and homeless need our help beyond Dec 25th.

The only part of the current traditions of this holiday season I like is feasting with Family and helping those who need it! How about instead of buying you family and friends that live comfortable a gift, you take that money and buy food for a local shelter or food mission. Your family won't miss it as much as the needy will.

For 2months we are bombarded by the idea that if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you must be part of another religion or you must be a horrible immoral person like the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge. I’m sorry but I’d rather be an informed Grinch that helps those who need it than be a socially acceptable greedy Elf.

recent comment on a Xmas FB status:

‎"saves time in lines too(homemade gifts)...and if this is a 'religious holiday' ..just like ppl like to should be free of greed and full of hope. I have 10x more joy in giving a home made gift and seeing the receiver's face than any gift I've recieved as an adult. "

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Religion: The Drug

Religion is like a drug, its fulfilling, addicting & gives you a peaceful vale over your life. It promises a justified self-righteous numbness and dream life (the path to heaven).  Crack, meth and many other harmful drugs also make these promises within their delusion. But it’s a fantasy that harms your health and those around you that are not addicted. 

It’s a disease of the mind that preys on young and old, strong and weak. The only way to successfully combat it is through an open mind & critical thinking. Like many addicts, people are lured by something they crave, (like love and “truth”) into the bondage, and then they become a "soldier" to recruit and put the bonds on everyone else. Our young are the most susceptible to its ruse. I believe teaching religion to children is cruel! It limits their choices and makes it much harder for them to think on their own when they get older. What makes me mad is that these people who are suffering from this awful drug would love nothing better than to pass this disease on to our children. This is no different then a dealer selling drugs to kids on a school yard. The children don’t understand the harmful effects that come with the drug; they just see the enjoyment that it gives. 

I wish I could hold interventions for my religious friends, but it would be considered intolerant and hateful. I don’t hate the people; I hate what the ‘drug’ does to them. They do not realize how their addiction affects the ‘clean’ people around them. Why is this drug accepted by society, but street drugs like meth (which has caused less harm in history) is unacceptable. Both should be banned!

 Ignoring the hatred and hypocritical parts of the Bible and only focusing on the moral parts is no different then someone taking a drug for its mildly healing benefits but ignoring the even more harmful side effects. The intoxicating effects cannot last forever. You have to increase the dose to stay high, to ward off contradiction (truth). I've heard people say things like, "I don't know how I'd make it through the week without my faith," or "I don't know how I could be a good person if it wasn't for my faith." I hear similar comments from some people referring to caffeine, cigarettes, drugs and booze.”

It is worse then any street drug out there because it's sold and promoted in the name of truth and love - and it is condoned by the public as honourable & righteous. The fact is religion kills people, divides society, steals free will, suffocates creativity and expression, stifles passions, replaces "reason" with illusion, and casts a person's mind into voluntary bondage and servitude.

It (religion) is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness.” -Karl Marx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween is as "Holy" as Christmas.

So while reading articles on CTV news I noticed their question of the day, I'm not don't study Paganism anymore, but still find this very offensive.

"Do you agree that Halloween is a celebration of evil and the occult?"

Um, how about NO!

Halloween for those who don't know its true origin, has roots in many beliefs. There is folklore and myth from Roman times, but its mainly based on the Celtic holiday of Samhain, which is the Celtic new year.  It marked the end of the harvest, the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half". It was celebrated over the course of several days and had some elements of a Festival of the Dead (recognition of deceased members of a community or culture).

Many Christians like to believe that the holiday is based in devil worship because of the misguided idea that Neo-pagans or Wiccans praise the devil (devil worship is Satanism not Paganism). Because of this, many people refuse to allow their children to "Trick or Treat" (didnt become commercially/modernly common until early 1900's).

Note: Paganism is a blanket term for beliefs with multiple deities. And yes, some having godess like head figures, it doesn't make them evil. Neo-Pagans are modern people that follow ancient Pagan belief systems, including Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Norse and Roman, etc.

Trick or Treating:  is believed to have come from the tradition where Celtic people left food on their doorstep for the spirits who came around, to prevent the spirits from wanting to come inside the house. It also comes from the medieval practice of 'Souling' where poor people would make the rounds begging for food & offered prayers for the dead on 'All Souls Day'.

Many people don't realize that there is just as much pagan traditions in modern Christmas celebrations than in Halloween's Trick or Treating, 'Spooky Ghosts' or costume parties.

XMAS Traditions most people don't know are Pagan:

Xmas Tree:  also known as a Yule Tree because it came from the tradition of bringing in a tree to the home to encourage the return of the god (the Sun). Many believe that the tree is the same tree as the Yule Log.

Yule Log: Part of the Yule Solstice, Dec 21st. Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year. The log had to have been on your property or given as a gift... it must never have been purchased. Once dragged into the house and placed in the fireplace it was decorated in seasonal greenery, doused with cider or ale, and dusted with flour and then set on fire. The log would smolder for 12 days before being ceremonially put out.

Mistletoe: The first found associated with the ancient festival of Saturnalia. One belief was that it has power to encourage fertility. You could declare peace amongst enemies under a mistletoe in Scandinavia, declaring a truce during a disagreement

I'm sure I could go father into this topic, but I'll save if for Xmas time...which I will likely be posting often...being as I dislike Christmas. Some people may think I'm picking on Christianity, being I'm an Anti-Theist and have been supporting Wiccan or Pagan beliefs. I support the general codes/morals/ideals of them because of their beliefs in harmony and peace with the earth (not their deity beliefs). This is also why (for the most part) I also have no issue with Buddhism.

If you don't believe me do some research your self (on objective, none religious sites). I'm open for controversial or opposing comments that have factual, objective views...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sustainable Dream

 (fake names are being used to ensure privacy of people mentioned)

My significant other “Aegeist” and I have decided that in the next 3-5 years we want to fix up our little house in cottage country (close to city), rent it out and move further out into the country. We want to move at least 1-2hrs from the city, into the Canadian Boreal Forest. We also plant to buy an empty lot at least 20acres and build our own home. Aegeist is currently finishing getting an education in Environmental & Biological studies. The area we plan to move to is in desperate need of people in his field of work. I plan to go back to school soon for accounting and can work from home. We would grow our own vegetables, herbs, chickens and get our red meat from a local butler. Living “off the grid” with solar and wind power is also something we hope to afford. We have been talking about this idea for a while. We even think that starting a very small community in this fashion would be beneficial, because of the distribution of work around the “farm”. Each household would own its land, but contribute and trade(mainly food) amongst the other neighboring  2-3 households.  By having a small community it becomes easier to be self sufficient as a group(example: a communal greenhouse & solar/wind power system). I was telling a friend “Ronnie” about our plans and he told me about EARTHSHIPS. The ideas and principles behind this company are exactly what we are looking for.  The building designs are very unique, and interesting to look at. (See pics at end of post)

Earthship Design Principles:

1) Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
Earthships maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate. The planet Earth is a thermally stabilizing mass that delivers temperature without wire or pipes. The sun is a nuclear power plant that also delivers without wires or pipes.

2) Solar & Wind Electricity
Earthships produce their own electricity with a prepackaged photovoltaic / wind power system. This energy is stored in batteries and supplied to your electrical outlets. Earthships can have multiple sources of power, all automated, including grid-intertie.

3) Contained Sewage Treatment
Earthships contain use and reuse all household sewage in indoor and outdoor treatment cells resulting in food production and landscaping with no pollution of aquifers. Toilets flush with greywater that does not smell.

4) Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
House as Assemblage of by-products: A sustainable home must make use of indigenous materials, those occurring naturally in the local area.

5) Water Harvesting
Earthships catch water from the sky (rain & snow melt) and use it four times. Water is heated from the sun, biodiesel and/or natural gas. Earthships can have city water as backup. Earthships do not pollute underground water aquifers.

6) Food Production
Earthship wetlands, the planters that hold hundreds of gallons of water from sinks and the shower are a great place for raising some of the fresh produce you’d like to have in the winter, but find expensive or bland tasting from the supermarket.

I only have an issue with the cost of an actual EARTHSHIP home. Just the blue prints are expensive.
Studio - $5,000 / 800 sq. ft.     One Bed - $6,000 / 1000 sq. ft.    Two Bed - $7,000 / 1200 sq. ft.  Three Bed - $8,000 / 1500 sq. ft.

But Ronnie also explained that someone has already built an Earthship in the area and is helping guide people in building them for cheap. I think we can take the concept of an Earthship and build it our way. He showed me some videos on youtube, and I've found some on my own that got me hooked on the idea. VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3
Check out the EarthShip website…  


Imagin Technology 40yrs from now.


Technology is growing exponentially and people look at me like I'm nuts when I talk about the crazy things I believe we will be able to do in say 20-30 yrs. I watch a lot of talks & documentaries and read articles from reputable sources. I think we are looking at quite the change in the way we live. We could be living like I, Robot. Experts also say if you stay healthy for another 20 yrs, plan to live to 120. The advancements in Science & Heath industries are going to increase dramatically.

What do you think we will have in 20...40 yrs?


Ok, so pre-ordering this game a month in advance may have been a bad idea. I've researched the game more in the last 24hrs as I did in the last 4 months. I love Elder Scrolls Oblivion, I've been playing it since it came out in 2006 and likely have close to 1500 hours in it.
I couldn't even finish watching the Skyrim DEMO, I want to play it now. Release date set for November 11th.

If you're a fan of Fantasy RPG's with dragons, elves, zombies and magic, you have to check out this game!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

1st day

So this is my first day on this site. I've never had a blog like this before. I am looking for people to talk to that enjoy intellectual (sometimes controversial) conversation about nature, social sciences, politics & current issues. The topics are not all going to be anti-theist based, but it is something I am passionate about. I would also love for people to not be afraid to give me idea on topics. looking forward to some interesting conversations.

Religion Breeds Death & Hate

Religion kills in Egypt

This Article from CBC news show how religion breeds violence. 19 people died because of religious violence. Now any person knows that this is only another of millions of violent tragic incidences that have occurred over 1000's of years because of religion. Man made myths and cults have changed the course of human history, many times in a negative way. The burning of the Library of Alexandria to the Crusades and the Witch Hunt, too many people have died because of religion.

My issue is not with the everyday believer, but with the extremism the doctrine of religion creates. I truly believe to abolish religion is to take a great step in world peace. Of course I understand how people can fall into believing in a higher power, I used to be religious my self. But when you take a step back, inform your self and look at most main religions as they are, you realize they make no sense. For example.. we now know the Earth is round & older then we used to think(500yrs ago).

I guess to wrap it it up I could say that I don't understand how people can ignore this and continue following a flawed ancient beliefs. I only hope that finally with all the science advancements we can as a species move beyond religion in my life time. I know its a dream, but one can only hope.