Friday, 10 February 2012


We purchased a puppy today! She is a bordercollie/yellowlab/bluetickhound. We've just decided to call her JINX. She is 9wks old and already so big(12lbs...ish). We drove 130kms to get her(3.5hrs both ways), just north of a remote country town called Bancroft. She's been home since 830pm and its now 2am.

So far she's been doing really well. She's curious of the cats, but smart enough to not get to close. Hunter (3yrs, not declawed), is a bit scared and curious, but keeps his distance. He is a fat orange lazy cat...very "Garfield" we adopted from a barn at 6mths old. Once Jinx fell asleep, Hunter spent close to 20mins watching and smelling her from a foot away.  I'm not sure how he's going to react to her in the long run.

Cloud (declawed, 4.5yrs old) is quite the princess and has made it known she is not happy. But I must say Cloud acts like a hyper spoiled princess on her good days, she has quite the spaz attitude towards everyone. I adopted her at 3mths old. She also is curious of Jinx, but in more of a dominant way. She was the first to get close and she swatted. I think with time she will actually be very close to Jinx. Cloud has lived with other peoples(parents, roommates) dogs before and eventually came to love them.

Jinx seems to be very smart. She's already taken to the paper training after only 2 "mistakes". All we did was put her on the newspaper when we caught her peeing. After just over an hour of using her name, it is already getting her attention. She already knows that her blanket is her's. She is automatically returning to it already to lay down.

I think we made a great choice when purchasing her. I plan to post more about her growth.

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