Monday, 23 April 2012

Hate hidden behind delusions & false support

Hello everyone! please check out this blog. There is a secret group on Facebook gathering to verbally attack the LGTB rights movement. please tell your friends!!

Its natural! over 400 species have been documented having homosexual relations, some are even more likely to have homosexual partners instead of heterosexual. If you still think its a choice, please tell me when you choice to be straight?

One problem I do have with the attitude some people have even in the LBGT communities, is many don't except bisexual as a sexual orientation. Ive been shunned by the very people that are claiming to be open and supportive. I've known since I was a kid that I am attracted to both. I am not confused. I find it quite hypocritical of the some of lesbians whom don't accept me as loving penis and vagina then turn around and buy a strap on. I have no problem with any lady being full lesbian and loving a fake cock/strap ons, but why am i being judged for liking the real thing? I'm all for freedom to be who you are, but there are some bad stereo types of bisexuals that many "open minded" people still perpetuate.

Bisexual doesn't mean I'm slutty.
Bisexual doesn't mean I'm confused.
Bisexual doesn't mean I'll cheat on or leave my partner for someone of another sex.
Bisexual doesn't mean I want to have a threesome with you and your partner.
Bisexual doesn't mean I go to the bar and make out with chicks to get guys.

Its sad that even people that are claiming to be supportive of homosexuals or even are homosexuals them selves still can not accept bisexuals. Sometimes I feel shunned by both sides...the closed and "open-minded".


  1. You'd think homosexuals would know better after being on the wrong end of the stick of persecution and bigotry for so long. I think we as a species are too hung up on sex and spend far too much time worrying about what other people are doing in the bedroom. It's unhealthy.

    btw: there are over 4000 species that practice some form of homosexuality, including our closest relatives in the animal kingdom who are often bi-sexual.

  2. 4000, thats even better lol! Very true thought, humans are more interested in dividing than unifying.