Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Impaired Compassion

Ironically, the audio clip at this link will make you want to find this preacher and beat the hate out of him. He should have his children taken away.
beating the gay out

 Teaching children that they are going to be to be tortured in hell for eternity for who they are is child abuse! How is it any different from telling a child that you will torture them for disobeying. To the child, you and "god" are both authorities that out-power and scare them. Children should not even be exposed to religion until they are at least 9-12 years old (depending on the child). At that age they are starting to (hopefully) logically and critically think. But that would only happen if you give them the freedom to believe in what ever they want. People need to allow and show their children how to learn and form their own informed opinions. They need to be given the tools to learn and expand their mind in the way they see fit. To take away the option for a growing mind to objectively learn and find its place in life is horrible. How is limiting a young growing mind/intelligence any less abusive than limiting a child's physical/nutritional growth?

Religious less compassionate than than the unbeliever

The above is a link to new research from the University of California. It states that the unbelievers are more likely to do good deeds to strangers than the religious.

This is some thing that has been on my mind lately. The thing that honestly worries me is the reasons behind why people do good deeds. The unbeliever does it out of logic and compassion. We do it because we honestly feel for the well being of our fellow humans. The religious do it because it is dictated to them. I'm not saying that they don't feel compassion. I am saying that their religious beliefs in most cases override that compassion. If the person is put into a situation where showing compassion to a person would go against their religion, they are more likely to not to give compassion. There is the threat of Hell and eternal torture if one does not obey. Not to mention social/religious exclusion.

What scares me is what would happen if we could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to the world there is no gods of any kind over night. I know we can't, just imagine it though for a moment. You would have millions of people that based their morals on what as been disproved realizing their is no judging god like authority. Crime rate around the world would sky rocket. Violence would increase dramatically. I'm not saying "all hell would break loose". My point is the respect given to world authority is not near as high as the devotion people give to religious authority. I start to wonder would people be more likely to do harm because they are not used to being compassionate to people that are different. Would they start harming/humiliating people more because of things like race, religion and sexuality?

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