Sunday, 9 October 2011

1st day

So this is my first day on this site. I've never had a blog like this before. I am looking for people to talk to that enjoy intellectual (sometimes controversial) conversation about nature, social sciences, politics & current issues. The topics are not all going to be anti-theist based, but it is something I am passionate about. I would also love for people to not be afraid to give me idea on topics. looking forward to some interesting conversations.


  1. Knowing you, you will have some interesting, controversial topics, i look forward to reading them, I hope you get a good following, the more people the more interesting the topics and responces. I will send ideas your way when i come up with some. now ive typed this about 4 times and blogger is hating me right now.
    good luck in the future, keep it up.


  2. topic idea number one, what is anti-theism/anti-theist, I know what it is but I've had to explain it to many, its a new word to many, and many confuse it to atheism.