Saturday, 15 October 2011

Imagin Technology 40yrs from now.


Technology is growing exponentially and people look at me like I'm nuts when I talk about the crazy things I believe we will be able to do in say 20-30 yrs. I watch a lot of talks & documentaries and read articles from reputable sources. I think we are looking at quite the change in the way we live. We could be living like I, Robot. Experts also say if you stay healthy for another 20 yrs, plan to live to 120. The advancements in Science & Heath industries are going to increase dramatically.

What do you think we will have in 20...40 yrs?


  1. I think the key point in there is staying healthy for another 20 years, if you look at the north american population now its likley at the most unhealthy rate ever. I know our life expectancy rate has increased, likely due to the control of infectious diseases like pox through vacination, but with these things controlled now were are more ikely to die from heart disease and cancer.

    besides I wouldn't want to live until 120, first because of seeing what diseases are out there that we get to look forward to but also for financial reasons, currently we retire at approx 65, some younger, some older, but that will be retireing at middle age, will I have the money to support myself for another 50-60 years after retirement?, if i can't would the taxpayers want to support me? if heart disease and cancer an be controlled how will we be able to support this with the canadian health system, which is sorely lacking in many ways.

    Technology is growing, the world is changing, I believe just like you that soon enough we will see household robots, people who plug into computers, nanotechnology and the like. But, i'm not sure if the world can handle it yet.

  2. I do agree that living to 120 wouldnt be nice if you retire at 60, but living too HEALTH 100 and working part time doesn't both me. The reason they say stay health for 20yrs is because they believe we will be rid of(or able to treat well) heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. the health care system does need more funding, a lot more. but that is up to the people to push for...we can only blame politicans for so much if we refuse to stand up for our selves.
    Life expectancy is going up due to vaccinations, but also because of our immune systems going into over drive to evolve to our life styles.

    I do agree also that many people may not be ready for this technology.

  3. healthy 100 not health 100 ...typing too fast