Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I'm a militant Anti-Theist. Bold, Opinionated and not afraid of questioning BS!

ok so I've been told by a few people that I tend to be a bit....bold/opinionated...some even say rude and evil... with what I say. Sorry I'm no politician. I will say what I see, how I see it. I want to raise those questions that make people think, even question their own deity bases beliefs. this is mainly because I grew up in a christian home and now feel (as Ruth from movie Paul would say) FREED! I'm free to think and believe what I want! free of worrying that some cosmic zombie wants me to obey him or else. Free to trust in Science!

Why am I anti-theist not just atheist? well because I think that religion is a main cause of separation and hate in society.  Without religion we would be so much farther as a species! why must we have a "father above" police us? can't people just be moral citizens because they are good people, not because they fear hell? With out religion, we could have world peace! The bible supports hate!

I know I can seem angry at times...i'm just passionate about my anti-theism. why am I "angry" when i support my views passionately ..but a religious person is considered moral and devoted when they are passionate? my views are based in SCIENCE!!

I recently subscribed to a site I think EVERYONE needs to visit.  Be free to think  at

I recently commented on that site:

"Why is it offensive when i politely criticize unproven common beliefs, but it "ok" for them to call us immoral/evil and intolerant. why can I be charged for "discrimination" for questioning them, but if they do the same to me they are "standing up for their beliefs" or "trying to save me". I personally think many Atheists or Anti-theist tend to be more tolerant than those who follow christian/catholic beliefs. I also was raised in a very christian home(did the whole christian school and youth group thing) and began to question things in my late teens. I tried answering these questions by looking to other belief systems, but none satisfied my taste for truth/fact."

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