Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pot Calling Kettle Black

Pot calling Kettle Black

Monday, January 9th, Pope Benedict stated that gay marriage is a threat to humanity. As a person of alternative life style, I find this offensive and a pathetic attempt at diverting attention. It seems as though the Vatican is trying to divert attention because of all the negativity it has received for child abuse cases and failing challenges against science.

 Over recent years, more scandals and child abuse cases are being brought to light. There are so many cases of abuse (including same sex abuse) that I’ve lost track of them all, but I’m sure you can search “Vatican child abuse” and have a few days reading of news articles.  One of his key arguments is the “Traditional Family” values. I know same sex parents and heterosexual parents. I grew up in a “Christian home” with a very christian mother and VERY liberal father. The dysfunction was not less or better than any other human couple could do… gay or straight. No family is perfect. I can say that the same sex parents are just as loving parents as my family. The key thing is that the child has a supportive & loving home that encourages learning and growth. The Pope argues that children of same sex parents lack ether female or male guidance. I completely disagree. For example, a lesbian couple with a child can have an uncle or friend as a male role model for a son, or vice versa.

There are leaders of the Catholic Church are being helped in the hiding of their sick crimes against children by the Vatican. The Vatican likes to say it pro-life; I’d say it is more pro-control, and only now changing some of its policies because people are starting to see how out dated and manipulative the catholic beliefs are. 

The credibility of the Vatican is waning. The Pope came out and said recently that the Big Bang could have happened, but if so… god created it. Are they now going to re-write Genesis? No, but they can’t fight science, so they try to manipulate it to “fit” their story. Millions people are dying of AIDS in Africa because until very recently the Vatican did not condone the use of a condom to save a partner from the disease. To this day, they still don’t condone condoms unless you are preventing transmission of diseases like AIDS. What about all the teens they tell NOT to use condoms? They would rather the teens abstain. I’m sorry…but most teens won’t, let us teach them to be safe before they regret it.

                I’m not a professional writer of any sort and I tend to be bold with my opinions, but I will continue to write about my stance against the Vatican. Their out dated ideals are appalling. I just hope that more people see the human, godless tendencies of the Vatican sooner than later, for the sake of society’s children.

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