Friday, 13 January 2012

Angry Atheist. How I feel about my views.

funny how, religious people go on atheist sites and call me an angry Atheist when I'm defending science. its an atheist site! i don't go on religious sites and tell u how science is right...i keep that on my own blog. sick of being harassed on atheist FB pages, news attacking atheists, etc… and people trying to save me because i trust science. A lot of these people are like…”why so angry?” ..why do you think? I’m respectful enough to stay of your sites…please do the same.

Ok, I vented lol. Now to the point..
I used to be even more bold...almost preachy with my Anti-theist ideals. My partner opened my eyes to the fact that there is a point in an argument, where you have to say to yourself "this person is not even listening or open to what I'm saying" and its time to just leave the discussion. I have never gone on any religious site/page and told them what I believe. But I used to think I could "free" people from religion. This can't be done on one experience. The person that needs to be "freed" through their own life experiences, and see that religion is false, and science is learning more all the time.

I'm getting to the point that I'm standing up for my ideals, maybe make my points known, but not pushing them. If some one attacks me personally, I will obviously tell them they need to leave it alone or I will retaliate in heated debate. But I won't be commenting my views on news articles or FB Atheist pages anymore. Will still post them here and my personal FB though. I will still post in full "ranting" force on here, everyone needs an outlet of some sort. I hope for more readers, it would be nice to hear other (peaceful) views on my posts/rants.

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  1. TYhere are to many people out there who do not listen to both sides of an argument, they assume what they know is right. It's unfortunate, but the good thing about you is that I know you lived that "other side of the argument" I hope you get more readers, Ill share your website wheree I an and I' sure your site will grow, you said in another post that your not a professional writer, but you are a good one. So you will get it.